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Your one-stop-shop for digital marketing and communication

Vertikal is a high-performance business advisory and B2B communication company specializing in research, digital marketing, content production, and campaign execution.

We use a variety of skills and backgrounds to provide advisory and to design cost-effective communication strategies that adapt to each individual project and produce all the creative material required, regardless of their size or the goals to achieve.

Why us?

The world is consistently moving away from print media and becoming increasingly digital. Today, there is an oversupply of online information, and the digital market is now extremely competitive.

To achieve your goals, we help you create content that is trustworthy, stands out, and reaches your exact target with the right message at lower costs and risks compared to hiring more personnel.

Time spent in digital media daily in Norway

Minutes per day on internet graph.png

Source: SSB, Norwegian Media Barometer 2021

Multiple backgrounds for optimal results

The question is: whom do you need to design, develop, and execute a great communication strategy?


Our designers focus on transforming complex concepts into attractive formats to create impact and highlight your brand.

Our marketing experts plan, develop, publish, and monitor every piece using inbound marketing techniques to reach decision-makers only.

Journalists/editors choose the right words and tone for your communication. An experienced journalist will be in charge of writing your texts and articles.

Our economists explore market data to find relevant topics and develop trustworthy information, emphasizing the benefits of your value proposition.

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Hire our team!

Visit our partners

Vertikal works with its partners to provide even higher added value to its clients in the local and international markets.

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 Vertikal designs and executes free-of-charge targeted campaigns through Norway Reports for our clients.

Looking only for an additional channel to advertise?

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Our international partner company providing support for overseas marketing, financial advisory, and professional content production in Spanish and French.

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