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Digital marketing is not a one-man-show. We support you with knowledge, experience, and the skills you need.


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Vertikal is a high-performance business advisory and B2B communication company specializing in research, digital marketing, content production, and campaign execution.

We use a variety of skills and backgrounds to provide advisory and to design cost-effective communication strategies that adapt to each individual project, regardless of their size or the goals to achieve.


Digital vs. Print: The time spent in digital media is 20 times larger than in print.

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Who is needed to create great online content and how much does it cost?

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The growth of data and the oversupply of information.

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Covid-19 and the spike in digitalization: how can we take advantage of this trend?

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Business communication is our specialty. Our services address many scenarios:

Startups & Scaleups

We offer Startups & Scaleups business advisory and marketing services at affordable rates. We can help you perform the necessary market research, build a business plan, obtain funding, or kickstart your communications.

Online marketing strategy & services

We help you to define your audience, identify decision-makers to target them using inbound marketing techniques. From competition analysis to targeting and execution, Vertikal is capable of complementing your team and helping you to find more qualified leads with additional exposure at no extra cost.

Content production & publishing

Need more ideas, manpower, or more diversified skills to create content? We can produce all your communication materials in high-quality text, graphic, or video formats. Vertikal follows your own branding guidelines to execute supporting digital campaigns, making you stand out in the digital world.

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Online Marketing strategy & services

We help you to define your audience, identify decision-makers and target them using inbound marketing techniques.

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Looking for custom solutions?

From developing a robust strategy, to knowledge or marketing content production, Vertikal is always there to support you. 

We are there to create stories that make your audiences look at you in an entirely new way.

Partner Organizations

Vertikal works with its partners to provide even higher added value to its clients in the local and international markets.

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Vertikal’s main communication channel to promote its clients' content and give them additional exposure.  We design and execute free-of-charge targeted campaigns through Norway Reports.

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Our international partner company providing support for overseas marketing, financial advisory, and professional content production in Spanish and French.

Member of

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iNT Agencies is a group of international, full-service agencies with competencies covering everything from digital advertising to PR, sponsorships, events and SEO, just to mention a few.


We combine a strong local presence in many countries in the main cities with an international perspective which means that we can help develop your branding and communication where it’s needed for you. 


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