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Steps to deal with today’s oversupply of information

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Business communication and marketing strategies have evolved rapidly with the increasing digitization of society. In this digital age, practically anyone can create content, post information on multiple platforms, or create websites with the objective of broadcasting information.

The lack of content quality has made audiences skeptical of what they see and read. In this article, Vertikal will give some tips to overcome this challenge and stand out, particularly in B2B communication.

How much data is there on the internet?

According to the International Data Corporation, in 2020, around 64.2ZB of information was created and replicated worldwide, and it is expected to grow to 181ZB in 2025. In contrast, the data volume reached just about 2ZB in 2010.[1]

So, what does this mean? One of the most evident responses to this question is that the world is becoming increasingly digital at a very fast rate. It also means that almost anyone who has access to the internet creates content in one way or another.

However, this comes with a particular challenge: the reliability of information and sources. It is our responsibility as readers to determine how much we can trust the content we have access to.

Moreover, we are exposed to a countless amount of information just by swiping our smartphone’s screen for a few minutes. Therefore, the objective that businesses need to pursue is standing out among all these posts, articles, and websites.

[1] IDC; 2020. Worldwide Global DataShpere Forecast 2021 – 2025: The World Keeps Creating More Data – Now what do we do with it all?

Stand out - Blending great content with digital marketing

In B2B marketing and communication it is often challenging to come up with innovative, impactful, graphically gracious, and strongly founded content, which also communicates a company’s value proposition.

When executing a content marketing strategy, there are a few elements businesses must consider so that your current and potential clients truly understand your value proposition:

1. Focusing on the challenge to be solved, rather than only in the solution

Companies offer solutions that have evolved after countless hours of academic preparation, courses, and hands-on experience of its employees and members of the board. As such, it is always exciting to communicate the results and achievements. Of course, it is of great importance to do so, but often the underlying challenge is slightly overlooked.

To fully communicate the value of our products and services, it is critical to remind our audiences of the original challenge to solve and, of course, its impact when left unattended. This is particularly relevant for companies aiming to penetrate the market with ground-breaking innovation. The first step to solving a problem is recognizing there is one.

2. Show the problem’s worth in monetary terms, but make it attractive

One of the most overlooked elements in B2B digital marketing strategies is numerical proof. By any means, we are not referring to statistical models or complex mathematical forecasting. A general but well-founded approach can be extremely powerful when used appropriately and much less time-consuming. Using market data and credible sources reduces readers’ skepticism significantly while bringing tangible, monetary impacts to the table. Ideally, this work is carried out by economists.

Knowledge and design work great together. Companies can build substantial trust by showing potential savings, increases in productivity and profitability, and cost-effective solutions while maximizing impact with creative designs and original artistic lines. Ideally, you would need a specialized designer.

3. Using content effectively – The power of inbound techniques

In addition to the characteristics and quality of the content used in B2B marketing, it is critical to define who will be exposed to each piece of content, where will they see it, and when. Inbound marketing techniques with properly identified decision-makers increase the effectiveness of both your efforts and budgets. Developing and diligently following a content marketing strategy is crucial.

In many cases, several stakeholders are involved in the decision of acquiring products, equipment, or services, especially in larger companies or big sales. For example, the Operations Manager would approve the technical specifications of certain equipment, but the HSSE Manager would be interested in potential environmental benefits, and the CFO would evaluate the availability of budget to perform an important purchase.

In these cases, content plays a key role to unify their interest: each area must understand the specific benefits that would be reflected in their business areas. For example, how much a machine increases production output (Operations), if the machine is cleaner and safer (HSSE), and if, ultimately, it would reflect increases in profitability and how long would it take (Finance). Even if your digital marketing strategy does not turn into a finalized deal, your sales team will have an easier time. Ideally, this is developed and executed by a dedicated marketing expert.

4. Create or improve your blog – be constant and consistent

Blog posts are a great tool to show your knowledge and create new leads. By the time readers visit a blog post, the first step, getting them to your website, is completed. Now it is all up to your ability to get them hooked. Keep posts interesting and valuable, while keeping in mind the use of keywords to drive visitors from their search engine searches to your website.

Blogs are the best way to improve your SEO and rank higher in searches. As of today, Google searches are one of the most important ways to attract both organic and paid traffic to your website. It takes time to increase your ranking, but it is definitely worth it. Share your expertise, what makes your company special, success stories, or even share short advice to attract new readers who may become customers!

Get to your audience with specific information

In summary, the Internet hosts massive amounts of content and information. Although its quality may be questionable at times, millions access it daily. For businesses focused on B2B relationships, it is key to build trust, to depict yourself as a reliable partner, highlight the capabilities of your team, and, of course, target the right people.

Creating a content marketing strategy can be challenging at times and it is common to struggle to produce the content you need, or the issue may even be the lack of specific skills or time to do everything. Digital marketing is not a one-man show, that is for sure.

Need fresh ideas, content, or some support to follow these tips? Get in touch with us and we will make it happen.

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