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Whom do you need to create great content?

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Today, content quality is more important than ever. Digital communication has taken over traditional print channels in terms of cost-effectiveness, reach, measurability, and audience targeting.

However, the digital space and social media platforms seem like an endless source of information that is constantly reaching the audiences you aim to engage with. Therefore, companies must ensure that their communication stands out among their key audiences.

The challenges

Although the digital world provides quick and easy access to information, audiences have become increasingly skeptical and selective. When creating digital content for your company, it is best to ensure that the following points are covered:

In practice, companies try to look for a “jack of all trades”, a single employee who can fulfill all these requirements with a high-quality output.

This person must be an excellent marketer to detect and define key audiences, an outstanding journalist/editor who specializes in communication, a proficient designer, and an expert researcher, like an economist, for strong basis and communication foundations.

Sounds hard to find, right?

The academic profiles and experience required for content creation are too diverse to be found in a single person. Some marketing teams end up needing more skills or an extra pair of hands.

Diversified skills can be costly

A safer bet may be to hire a team with diversified skills but how much does this cost? We will use Norway’s example, where labor is an expensive asset.

Of course, there is no need to hire such a team if the needs for content are not too intense. Marketing activities are often outsourced to Marketing Agencies and freelancers. A possible setup is hiring a full-time marketing employee and outsourcing text edition and graphic design.

However, hiring a few working hours of freelancers and agencies can also be costly. Hiring six additional hours per area, which delivers little results, can represent expenses between NOK 18,000 to NOK 25,000, in addition to the salary expenses of your team.

It is also time-consuming to blend all the materials delivered by each provider or freelancer to transform them into useful content.

Not to worry, we offer an alternative

Your marketing team should focus on designing effective strategies and achieving goals, rather than spending too many hours writing and designing content.

Vertikal covers all areas to satisfy your needs, delivering ready-to-use communication materials in diverse formats.

With your goals and strategy in mind, our team works together to produce your stories and messages to your audiences. This makes the process more agile and less costly while delivering high-quality results.

Plus, our clients avoid the costs and risks of hiring additional personnel and the hassle of coordinating with multiple service providers or freelancers.

As a bonus, we execute paid targeted campaigns featuring all the materials we create for our clients at no extra cost! Focus on your goals while we take over the hard work. Get in touch, we will find a solution for your needs and budget!


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